Featured Artisan

Those looking to explore the natural history of Florida often seek out museums, guidebooks and tour groups.  For Lake County artist Lynn Herrick, the beauty and history of Florida are revealed on her canvas each time she picks up a paint brush.

Herrick, who has been named the Featured Artisan at the 2012 Clifford House Artisan Market, paints oils in the style of the Highwaymen, having studied with noted Florida artist R.L. Lewis.  The style, which depicts natural Florida landscapes, resonated with Herrick seven years ago, when a chance meeting brought Lewis to the performing arts school she led as principal.

“I have lived in Florida for over fifty years,” says Herrick, who has worked with charcoals, photography, pottery and basketry in the past. “I am both inspired and disturbed by the rivers, lakes, swamps and beaches that continue to ebb from our consciousness.  This style of painting allows me to preserve this vanishing landscape in my own artistic way.”

Herrick, who transitioned into art full-time after thirty years as an educator, will display and sell her work at the Second Annual Clifford House Artisan Market, which will take place on the grounds of the Eustis Historical Museum on Saturday, March 17th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Her work, which includes original paintings, note cards and signed print totes, ranges from $10.00 to $350.00, has been featured in solo gallery shows in Lake and Marion Counties and is sold at Artisans on Fifth in Mt. Dora and at the Morse Museum gift shop in Winter Park.

While Herrick studied under an original Highwaymen painter, her work has taken on it’s own signature twist.  Heavily influenced by the famed photographer Ansel Adams and the celebrated Florida photographer Clyde Butcher, Herrick experimented with turning the normally vibrant palette of Highwaymen style paintings on its ear by using just black and white.  The resulting work has garnered Herrick high praise, including a joking comment from original Highwaymen Isaac Knight that Herrick’s new paintings were “better than R.L.”

“Closer to home, I’ve been greatly influenced by the work of Lake County photographer Joel McEachern,” says Herrick.  “His style, which captures unique Florida moments with amazing light techniques, inspires me.“

For Herrick, who participates in at least five large art shows each year in addition to dozens of smaller events, the Artisan Market is a way to show her neighbors how she sees Florida.

“This is the area that inspires me,” says Herrick.  “Whether it’s a stand of trees reflecting of Lake Dora or the sun setting across a pond in Umatilla, this is my backyard.  It’s what I love and it’s what I paint.”

The Clifford House Artisan Market is a one-day event that is free to the public and opens at 10:00 am on Saturday, March 17th.  For more information about attending, please contact the Eustis Historical Museum at 352-483-0046.  Artisans who wish to register may call Tim Totten at 352-242-8111.


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