Updated Layout!

29 Feb

We have updated our layout for the 2012 Market.

You can click here to see it in full glory:  2012 Artisan Market Layout

Here’s a quick snapshot:

There are a few changes from last year, most notably the addition of several large tents.  These tents will each hold six artisans, with all booths backed up to each other and the artisans facing out.  As of noon, February 29th, there is only one of these spaces still available.  The charge is $80 and that includes table and chair.

We have eliminated the row of spaces facing the lake.  This will allow those on the lake side of the house to face the sidewalk and have the back of their booth open.  The spaces on the street side benefited from some “compression” which made the space feel very dense for the attendees, attracting them to visit all the vendors there.  With the addition of the food court area at one end (where our musicians will also be playing) we believe this will give all visitors a reason to visit all the way to the end.  Olivia’s Coffeehouse will have her stuff set up at that end, with scrumptious food for vendors and attendees alike.

Come visit us on Saturday, March 17th, 2012 for a beautiful day on the grounds, with wonderful entertainment and some awesome art by local artisans!


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