What is the Artisan Market?

24 Jan

What is an Artisan Market?
Held at the historic Clifford House, the Artisan Market is a collection of artisans from Central Florida and beyond.  Most artisans will have items for sale.

Why an artisan market and not an “art show?’  
Because the phrase “art show” suggests a juried contest with only fine artists represented.  Our show encompasses everyone from  painters and potters to paper artists and polymer clay fanatics.  Not only do we welcome all artisans, but we’re much less expensive than traditional art shows.

So how much does it cost?
You can reserve a 10’x10′ space for just $25 for the day.  If you want space under one of our big tents, you’ll pay an additional $55, but that gets you shelter and a table/chair combo.  Just bring your artwork and you’re ready to show and sell.

Will anyone show up?
With minimal advertising and competition from several other local events, we still had respectable traffic last year.  However, this year we have planned a wider marketing effort.  Beyond posters and press releases, we will have several paid advertisements in local publications, as well as roadside signage announcing the event in advance of and on the day of the event.

Where is the Clifford House?
Located next to the Eustis Community Center, the Clifford House is on Lake Eustis in downtown.  The building is easily spotted from Highway 19 (Bay Street) and features ample parking in adjacent and nearby lots.  The 100-year old house is a draw in its own right, as it is the current home of the Eustis Historical Museum.

Can I see some pictures of what it looked like last year?
Sure.  Here they are.


How do I sign up?

Visit our registration page.


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